Trump's Tweets Spawn New Marketing Practice

Torrenzano Group, an ad agency...oh, excuse me...a "high-stakes issues management firm specializing in building and protecting corporate reputations, helping clients grow their business and enhance brand and shareholder value" has launched a new marketing practice. 

In a breathy email, Torrenzano Group asks, "Is your company or industry prepared to respond effectively to a 'Trump tweet' or a regulatory surprise? Are you prepared to correct false news or to repel a digital assassination of your reputation? Do you have the resources, processes and training in place to protect your brand, reputation and share value from attacks in social media?"

The email makes note of a Wall Street Journal article, “Retailers Are Caught in Political Fights Over Trump” in which Torrenzano Group CEO Richard Torrenzano discusses the challenges brands face in this high stakes, politically-charged, Trumptastically-insane world in which we now live. 



The email also pimps Torrenzano's latest book. Way to leverage our national fiasco to nab a few more clients, Richard.

But wait...

This isn't to belittle the need for a few calm, cool, collected heads to the aid brands hoping and praying Trump leaves them alone. After all, a quick visit to Facebook, CNN or FOX News and it's clear the world, well, America, has, indeed, gone insane. And this was happening before Trump!

So maybe we need all the help we can get, right? 

The email closes, saying, "Richard and I would be happy to meet with you to discuss any concerns in this arena and to conduct an initial analysis of your level of preparedness." 


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