'Men's Health' Releases "MetaShred Extreme" Workout DVD

Rodale Inc. brand Men’s Health has released a workout program product called “MetraShred Extreme,” created by Men’s Health fitness director BJ Gaddour.

The program, which is available on DVD and streaming online, runs for $99.99 for the Standard MetaShred Extreme package. The Ultimate version costs $120 and comes with Men’s Health’s “MetaShred Diet,” created by its nutrition advisor Michael Roussell, Ph.D.

The workout program is a follow-up to the “MetaShred” 21-day program released last year, which Rodale called a “successful” product. The original program was also created by Gaddour and was similarly priced.

Fitness DVDs like MetaShred Extreme bring in product revenue for the magazine, in addition to revenue from newsstands, subscriptions and advertising.



According to a statement, MetaShred Extreme is designed to “incinerate belly fat, maximize muscle grown, ignite metabolism, and chisel the chest, shoulders, abs and quads.”

Last month, the New York Post reported that Rodale, which also publishes Women’s Health and Runner’s World, is looking to raise $4.6 million by divesting three properties in its hometown of Emmaus, Pennsylvania, to create a more “centralized” work environment.

One of the buildings the company is hoping to sell houses its employee gym, meaning the health-focused publisher will not be able to offer a gym membership to staffers until its new fitness facility is built.

Men’s Health has a monthly audience of 13.6 million, with 14.4 million monthly unique visitors to its site. It also publishes books and has an events business.

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