The Challenge Of Getting IoT Tech To Work All The Time

While innovation around the Internet of Things steamrolls ahead, there’s another side to the technological advancements.

This has to do with the technology always working.

At a conference focused on the future of transportation I attended in Boston last week, various presenters showed their wares, ranging from power-assisted bicycles to storage containers that automatically follow a person.

Some of the advancements were impressive.

On the other side, during one of the highest tech presentations, the connection from a PC to the screen failed. Anyone who presents knows this all too well.

The point is that as IoT innovation and technology advance, everything along the way does not always work.

Besides tech glitches and failures, compatibility also can be an issue.

Before a keynote presentation I was making last week, some of the videos in my Powerpoint were not compatible enough to play on the computers being used by a top notch AV company. (We had to play it from my PC).

Meanwhile, researchers at MIT just announced that they found a new method of power conversion that could transform how electric energy is stores in tiny devices, being activated only when needed, a critical need for when billions of connected things need to send masses of information to each other.

While this breakthrough is reported to possibly lead to future sustainable electronics in humans, there’s still some distance to that happening.

Unlike presentation that fail, some aspects of the Internet of Things, such as connected transportation, will not have that luxury.




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