Mobile Boom Stalls, With Double-Digit Declines In App Installs

In some respects, the mobile boom is officially over in the States. Indeed, Adobe’s latest global mobile report found double-digit declines in both app installs (38%) and launches (28%) over the past two years.

As such, the new mission for marketers is maximizing engagement, and finding others ways to get more out of existing customers.

What’s more, “Brands have a large mobile audience but need [to] focus on retention,” an Adobe spokeswoman said on Monday.

Adobe’s report is comprised of data from 1.7 trillion mobile website visits, and 130 billion app launches, over the span of two years.

With domestic Web traffic plateauing, marketers are also looking overseas. The massive smartphone growth in China, India and Brazil is responsible for driving over 400 million new people online, according to Adobe.

Yet, while less developed nations are growing like weeds, their infrastructure is struggling to keep up with demand.

Stateside, the report also found that Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is being increasingly welcomed by consumers. In fact, it now accounts for 7% of all traffic for top U.S. publishers, which represents 405% growth over 2016 levels.

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