Calling All Orthodontists! Ad Agency Launches Facebook Ad Practice Just For You!

I mean we all know that there's a certain degree of specialization in every industry including advertising. But did you know there was an ad agency that focuses only on serving the marketing needs of orthodontists? Well, yes, in fact there is. Rhode Island-based Ortho PPC is all about generating leads for doctors who want to place clamps on kids' teeth to serve the ever increasing vanity of Americans and their quest for the perfect smile.

Ortho PPC has just launched an even more specific service for orthodontists. Rounding out their current PPC practice, the agency has launched a Facebook-specific ad management service. For the launch, the agency will target three to four ortho practices and offer them the service for free though they will have to pony up $200 for the actual ad spend. Yes, just $200. Remember, these are just teeth twisters, not big national brands.

Of the service, Ortho PPC's Mike Casey said, "We have been testing Facebook Ads for an orthodontic lead generation campaign, and have experienced great results. So much so, in fact, that we are confident we will be offering the service to our orthodontic clients. We will take care of the ad campaign, set up the sales funnel, and deliver all incoming leads to the practices that are chosen to take part. We will be looking for participants until March 20th, so we encourage everyone to contact us as soon as possible."



I mean really, orthos, what do you have to lose? You can make back that $200 with one kid's crooked teeth, right?

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