SocialCode And Tongal Merge Mobile Planning And Creative

Promising more transparency, digital ad firm SocialCode and creative crowdsourcing network Tongal are offering brands a solution for developing and distributing paid social, video and mobile campaigns.

Translation? Well, some work that the partners recently did for New Balance should illustrate.

First, Tongal developed the overall strategy and creative for New Balance’s #GreaterThantheWin campaign -- an online series featuring young athletes that ran in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Spain.

Then, using SocialCode’s data and insights, Tongal created a created customized versions of the campaign content for Facebook.

From there, SocialCode deployed the campaign across Facebook, and then conducted a test to identify which formats and content worked best.

The result? The series saw a five-fold increase in video completion rates on Facebook, according to internal figures.

The magic comes from planning media and creative so closely together, according to Rob Salvatore, co-founder and CEO of Tongal.

Too often, “Brands lack a singular solution to develop and deploy content expertly and with the efficiency required for the social age,” stated Salvatore.

Going forward, New Balance plans to apply these learnings to subsequent campaigns.






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