Petco Punks Customers With Poop-Scooping Drone For April Fool's Day

Petco is getting on the April Fool’s Day bandwagon with an email and video for the DooDoo Drone 9000.

The video, created by PIA, shows the battery-powered pooper scooper in action. The device is supposedly compatible with Petco’s DooDoo Drone app, which allows pet parents to drop a pin when their dog does his business resulting in a pickup by the drone.  

Petco customers will receive a newsletter today (March 31) promoting the “innovative” product. The drones will be advertised for one day only. The newsletter will also include a brief video along with a “buy now” link that will lead customers to, revealing the April Fools’ prank.

Although the DooDoo Drone 9000 is not actually available for purchase, Petco is offering 15% off coupons this week as a consolation.



This is the third year Petco has done an April Fool’s Day promotion, says David Hallisey, vice president, corporate communications at Petco.

In 2015, the stunt introduced the revolutionary selfie stick for pets,” which activated via barks and meows and last year, the company announced the exclusive "Presidential Puppy Podium for a Puppy in Chief and the Presidential Kitty Podium for America’s catstituents."

“Both were culturally relevant, fun but borderline believable activations that delivered light-hearted fun for pet parents,” he says. “We enjoy joining the fun on April Fools’ Day and helping pet parents have a laugh via a light-hearted product launch. We believe it is a day where pet parents see our stunt, have a laugh, appreciate their pets and may even wish our prank was real.”

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