4As Announces Winners of Its ReSolve Competition

Kate Franks, Keisha Stephen-Gittens, Kayla O'Leary, Chloe Sharfin and Michael Sullivan. Remember these names. You might be seeing them more often. Why? They just won the 4A's ReSolve competition as announced at the 4A's Transformation Conference which ended yesterday. Resolve is a one-day think tank where young agency professionals flex their creative muscle to help global causes. 

This year, the competing groups, comprised of various agency talent, tackled No. 14 on the United Nation's list of Sustainable Development Goals: Life Below Water.  

The brief asked young ad professionals to create a campaign to support the United Nations' 14th Sustainable Development Goal: to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. Teams were also tasked with creating awareness of the role of oceans and the daily choices we can make to promote a healthy ecosystem, with the aim of driving the public to work toward this goal via the "One for All" campaign. 



Their winning idea: humans and the ocean are in a toxic relationship, and they need to start "talking." The team will share its idea at the Ocean Conference, which will be held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City in June. 

Franks is from Momentum, Stephen-Gittens is from LiveIntent, O'Leary is from Mindshare, Sharfin is from Edelman and Sullivan is from Weber Shandwick. 

The teams, which made their presentations on the main stage of the conference, worked together and with Twitter, ReSolve's technology partner, as well as the PVBLIC Foundation, a nonprofit organization that drives social change, to create their campaigns. 

Of Transformation, ReSolve and the winners, 4A's CEO Nancy Hill said, "We spent the last three days in Los Angeles talking about the future of this industry, and it's truly right in front of us when we look at the young talent in advertising today. We re-launched the ReSolve competition this year to further engage and empower young professionals, and during these past three days, we've seen some groundbreaking ideas come from these groups. This is more proof that great ideas can come from anywhere and that nurturing young talent is crucial for the future of our industry."



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