BIZ DEV: Hotwire Public Relations Group Scores Series Of New Clients

Hotwire Public Relations Group scored a series of new clients, including: Keeper Security, Looker, New Teacher Center, Sierra Wireless, Tech21 and United Rentals.

Keeper Security is a password manager and digital vault that enlisted Hotwire to release a consumer-facing piece of research called "The 25 Most Common Passwords of 2016."

New Teacher Center selected Hotwire's Digital Brand Lab to develop an interactive experience, including two videos that give an overview of its work and feature the vision of its 2020 Plan.

Sierra Wireless tasked Hotwire to refine its core messaging and further establish itself as an industry thought leader through corporate brand/profile development.

United Rentals tapped Hotwire PR's Digital Brand Lab to raise brand awareness via social media and drive growth of its online communities.



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