Oops. Newspaper Execs Who Left Denver Post to Start Their Own Agency Sued For Attempting to Steal Clients

Three former Denver Post employees -- advertising SVP Reid Wicoff, senior digital strategist David Stanley and director of digital operations Nicole Brennan -- have been named in a lawsuit  which alleges the trio was in the process of attempting to lure Post advertisers away from the paper -- and its internal digital agency, AdTaxi --to become clients of a new agency they were forming called Digible. Upon being found out, the three employees resigned from the Post. 

The trio incorporated Digible on April 11. The suit seeks an injunction against the newly formed company stating its founders would be violating state trade secret laws and, in the case of Wicoff and Brennan, who were still employed by the paper at the time Digible was formed, a violation of employee confidentiality agreements. 

The Post claims the defendants began talking about the formation of Digible in February 2016 and that they had approached one of the paper's biggest clients to defect and become one of their first clients. It's also claimed the trio attempted to make the client in question look less profitable to the paper. 



In perhaps one of the less intelligent steps the trio took when establishing Digible, the lawsuit noted the Facebook page of Digible lifted its mission statement, word for word, from the paper's agency, AdTaxi.



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