NEW! Enjoy Live Music Before World Ends, Says StubHub

Live music is like air, and according to StubHub, must be appreciated before the world ends.

In "Machines," technology takes over the world, and not in a good way. Cars, phones, TVs, toasters and the beloved washing machine turn on humanity. The future is bleak and more so for one man, who realizes he never saw Sia live in concert. He's put out of his misery soon after by a possessed SUV.

"Festival" tells the story of two people who found love on a night that neither wanted to go out. The two marry and hubby starts a job with his father-in-law. On hubby's first day on the job, he strikes oil -- and a movie is made based on his life story. If you stay home, you will never meet your soulmate or strike it rich. Mingle. Talk to people.

Goodby Silverstein & Partners created the campaign, directed by Martin De Thurah of Epoch.



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