IAS Bows Viewability Measurement Capability

Ad-tech firm Integral Ad Science (IAS) is partnering with a group of Fortune 500 companies to determine and measure how viewable exposure time and frequency have a role in turning consumer attention into action.

IAS said the closed beta program aims to help advertisers maximize media spend while reaching and influencing their target audience. It determines how many times real people were exposed to a campaign throughout the purchase process and how much time they spent with each touchpoint along the way.

The approach uses real-time viewability and ad fraud data to increase consumer ad exposure against ROI.

IAS declined to specify the companies participating in the program.

IAS said data collected prior to the beta program showed 70% to 85% of people are exposed to only one viewable ad impression. O those people, 50% to 65% have the potential to see the ad for five seconds or less. Given these findings, IAS identified a need to understand and optimize against consumer ad exposure.

The program will measure the cumulative exposure time and viewable frequency to a brand’s message consumers are exposed to over a campaign's lifetime. In addition, it will try to balance the right amount of exposure to campaigns programmatically and enhance campaign reach.

“By today's standards, a viewable ad does not ensure influence or even attention,” Scott Knoll, CEO of IAS, told Real-Time Daily via email. Knoll added the data hasn’t been available.

“By leveraging this real-time technology, brands can effectively influence consumers and get a betteer picture of their customers' journey from awareness to purchase,” he said.

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