The Funnest Facebook Quiz Ever!

Are You A “Social Genius?”

Find out your online type:  a) Butterfly, b) Wallflower, c) Charmer, d) Narcissist, e) Careless and Obtuse, f) Virtual Asperger’s , g) Legally Incompetent to Manage Your Affairs?



Take this easy, super-fun quiz and find out!

It's so simple -- even easier than listing all the concerts you've attended -- and a hoot to share with your Friends and the vendors of every app in your phone! Just fill in the blanks.

1)      What’s your favorite Day-Glo color? _______________

2)      Favorite Beatle. _______________

3)      What color was your first car? _______________

4)      Favorite book. _______________

5)      What’s your social security number? _______________

6)      Mounds or Almond Joy? _______________

7)      Compute: Square root of 144 _______________

8)      What’s your mother’s maiden name?

9)      Coinci-doh! Write down your area code and your Visa security code. Do they have any shared digits?  _______________

10)    Favorite movie. _______________

11)    Favorite TV show. _______________

12)    Favorite bank routing number. _______________

13)    Can you roll your tongue? _______________

14)    Coinci-doh! Write down your default PIN number and the second half of your ZIP+ 4. Do they have any shared digits? _______________

15)    Free handwriting analysis and HIPAA waiver. Sign here: _______________

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  1. Tony Nino from PADV Pasadena Advertising, May 8, 2017 at 3:58 p.m.

    Actually laughed out loud... I mean LOL'd. 

    Thank you

    Damn... THX

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