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Bob Garfield is editor at large for MediaPost. A 30-plus-year commentator on media and marketing, he is co-host of public radio's Peabody Award-winning “On the Media” program; senior fellow at Wharton Future of Advertising Program, SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management; founder of the Media Future Summit and author of five books.

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  • Saving The World Is Hard -- So Is Conference Organizing in MediaDailyNews on 10/25/2017

    As the media economy was increasingly blown to bits by the digital revolution, with the very existence of journalism hanging in the balance, The Media Future Summit was born. But the irony isn't lost -- trying to save journalism with an off-the-record event.

  • Much Adieu About Nothing in Garfield at Large on 05/22/2017

    So this is my swan song. Naturally, I have gone back to review what has gone on in this space over the course of 200 columns.

  • A Modest Proposal in Garfield at Large on 05/15/2017

    Amid steep audience declines, prime-time shows that were deemed ratings failures a few years ago suddenly look like going propositions. Meh is the new wow.

  • The Funnest Facebook Quiz Ever! in Garfield at Large on 05/08/2017

    Take this easy, super-fun quiz. It's so simple -- and a hoot to share with your Friends and the vendors of every app in your phone! Just fill in the blanks.

  • I, Bobot in Garfield at Large on 05/01/2017

    Dude, I have a bot -- a digital slave who answers questions, directs inquiries and offers all kinds of really useful information about me.

  • Insta-Escorts in Garfield at Large on 04/24/2017

    Reality TV figures, YouTube stars, recording artists and others with huge followings among Millennials use their social media platforms as paid shills for brands, without disclosing the quid pro quo. This is not a matter of a few isolated bad actors.

  • My Hero, Donald Trump in Garfield at Large on 04/17/2017

    The paradox is almost dizzying: we need a healthy press as a watchdog of democracy, and that press is being revived by interest in a regime doing everything in its power to dismantle democracy.

  • GenerationVexed in Garfield at Large on 04/10/2017

    It's time for a gut check. There are those who saw the spot as somehow exploitative and/or trivializing of serious social issues, such as racial justice, religious freedom, women's rights, police brutality and abuse of super-slow motion. Once again -- in hindsight -- these are fair points. But this was not a failure of strategy.

  • P.R. Wild Pitches, Spring 2017  in Garfield at Large on 04/03/2017

    In this semi-annual rite, Bob loses his patience with irrelevant press-release blasts and blasts right back.

  • Monkey See, Monkey Don't in Garfield at Large on 03/27/2017

    The overall problem is that metadata for videos remains thin, and relies mainly on the tagging by posters, who don't typically label their work "hate speech" or "kill the Jews." And the technology for the semantic Web, AI, image screening and other means for detecting repulsive content is simply inadequate. Where porn, racism and gore are concerned, the flagging mechanisms are woefully intermittent.

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  • GenerationVexed by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 04/10/2017)

    I never imagined this would be necessary, but THIS IS NOT A LEAKED MEMO. IT IS PRETEND. 

  • The 'So Called' Advertisers Talk Back by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 02/06/2017)

    Absolutely Chris. You are, as always, my guiding light. Henceforce, no opinionating in my opinion column.Bob

  • The 'So Called' Advertisers Talk Back by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 02/06/2017)

    "Just folks looking for a change" the expense of other folks.  Everything he is doing, everything he is, was on full display before Election Day.  Those 30 million people should think very hard about what they said "yes" to.  Take responsibility. You broke it, you bought it.  But the American Way is what's being smashed in front of our eyes, and we're all left to pick up the pieces.

  • New Year's Resolution: A Schnorrer No More by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 01/03/2017)

    I will never get over it. I don't wish to get over it. Getting over it is to accept the worst in politics and human behavior.  Getting over it is cowardice.  Getting over it is surrender.

  • Versailles Of Belief by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 11/28/2016)

    Harry Hutt,Thank you for your thoughtful, eloquent renarks.You are Exhibit A.BG

  • Versailles Of Belief by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 11/28/2016)

    Gary Dennis,Who said anything about death camps? This is about the conditions, and template, for fascism. That is not a prediction of a holocaust. But  shall we just wait to see what happens?Not me. BG

  • Versailles Of Belief by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 11/28/2016)

    Tom, So we're clear here, many Trump voters responded to exactly the same stimulI as Weimar voters who brought Hitler to power.Among them, a minority of avowed Nazis, racists, misogynists.Bob 

  • Who Moved My Digital Inventory? by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 08/29/2016)

    Excellent question. What %age of gross revenue is siphoned off...not only by agency commissions, but by arbitrage and ad-tech middlemen? Considering the near absence of financial controls among the supposedly procurement-obsessed advertisers, my (wild) guess is 30%. But somebody must have a real answer. Anyone?

  • Citizens Disunited by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 08/22/2016)

    To UDX, Thanks for your thoughtful comment, but come on....the CX 7 was discontinued 3 years ago.Your hero,Bob

  • Citizens Disunited by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 08/22/2016)

    To Lawrence Rutter:Oh, snap you caught me. Henceforth I will leave my opinion and analysis out of my opinion and analysis column.To Clint Dixon:  It is difficult to believe you would write what you've written in a public forum.  Well done.  It is now on the record forever.  Your grandchildren will be so proud. 

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