Kit Kat Challenges Big K.A.T. To Create TV Spot

Hershey’s KitKat brand has recruited pro basketballer Karl Anthony Towns, aka “Big K.A.T.,” to promote its Big Kat bar.

The Big Kat, billed as a “bigger and crispier” KitKat bar, was relaunched last March. The first version of the bar was introduced in the marketplace back in 2012. 

To launch its “one-year anniversary” social and digital campaign, KitKat posted a GIF on its Twitter channel of Towns purporting to be “hot and bothered” about the BigKat bar’s name (“there’s only one”). That was followed by a KitKat Twitter challenge to Towns, who plays for the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves, asking if he wanted to make a commercial for Big Kat.



Towns responded with an 18-second digital ad, dubbed “Ding,” which was also posted on YouTube (below). 

The intentionally amateurish ad was followed by two more — “Jingle” and “Battle” — described in posts as “directed by” as well as starring Towns. 

In truth, of course, the ads were actually “co-created” by Towns and Kit Kat, as the brand acknowledged in its press outreach.

Hershey manufactures KitKat for the U.S. market through a license from Nestle.

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