Sean Hannity, TV News Advertisers Can Now Identify Real 'Fake News'

Are there sexual-harassment issues at your favorite TV news channel? Controversy over that network making financial settlements? Some viewers may not care. But your network will pay the price with TV advertisers.

Now TV advertisers are going one better -- focusing on the quality of actual news content. Real “fake news” can have some real financial consequences.

Seems Fox News host Sean Hannity is learning the hard way. Pushing a conspiracy theory -- with no real, factual backing -- means trouble.

Plus, Hannity’s own network, Fox News Channel, retracted a story that a disgruntled DNC staffer leaked emails to WikiLeaks and was murdered for his transgression. Give Fox News credit for this -- and any other TV news organization -- that takes this action.

Following pulling advertising from Fox’ “Hannity,” now more advertisers have made their move -- including mattress company Casper, Crowne Plaza Hotels, Crowne Plaza Hotels, video doorbell company,, and video streaming spinning studio, Peloton Cycling.



All this moves Fox to another level of accountability -- beyond the ouster of Bill O’Reilly, as well as former Fox News Channel chairman Roger Ailes. Both were linked to sexual-harassment issues and, for O’Reilly, financial-settlement issues,

News organizations need to maintain journalistic integrity. This doesn’t mean the traditional news media doesn’t make mistakes; there can be rough spots in news stories. And sometimes, completely erroneous stories. Again, give Fox News credit here.

Perhaps some news concerning Russia’s attempted manipulation of the Presidential election from The New York Times, Washington Post or others will be discounted. But here’s the thing: Much of the investigative reporting has already been proven true. All come with multiple, multi-bylined stories from numerous sources and on-the-record officials.

People love a good story; but they aren’t always linear. They can be complex, with controversial subjects having conflicting issues.

Maybe FBI director James Comey was a good director and a grandstander.  Similarly, journalism can be boring, drilling down into details, and an exciting reads-like-a-movie script story.

Looking for a black-and-white place to reside? If you find it, TV advertisers have no trouble making media decisions in your direction.

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