OpenX Becomes Google's Beta Partner For Exchange Bidding

Programmatic marketplace OpenX on Thursday said it will become a beta partner of Google’s for Exchange Bidding, formerly called EBDA.

OpenX said its publisher partners can use Exchange Bidding to supplement a direct integration with OpenX Bidder, and all publishers that adopt EBDA can use the OpenX Ad Exchange through a single point of integration with Google.

Google created an advisory board comprised of exchange partners like OpenX as a step toward creating transparency, control, and a trusted buying environment for media buyers.

“It’s feedback from this group that has helped inform the development of Exchange Bidding and make it work better for everyone,” stated Sam Cox, ad cxchange buy side and policy, Google.

OpenX will work with Google to guide product development and best practices for integration. 

“By keeping OpenX direct on the page, while also exploring the potential revenue benefits of using Exchange Bidding, we’ve been able to easily turn on and off additional exchange partners to increase competition and bring in unique demand in the process. Simultaneously, we can support our existing PMP strategy and maintain the brand quality protections provided by OpenX,” stated Katie Pillich, vice president of ad operations & programmatic strategy, The Daily Beast.

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