Email Skills Rated Highly By B2B Tech Marketers: Study

Email marketing skills are among the most important attributes brought to the job by B2B tech marketers, according to a survey from Spiceworks, as reported today by MarketingProfs

Of 359 B2B technology industry workers surveyed in North America and Europe, 65% said email expertise is important for marketers, ranking email sixth among valued skills. Broken down by age, this includes 74% of the Millennials, 60% of the GenXers and 55% of the Baby Boomers.

Email also ranked highly when the respondents were asked whether their skills in this area are advanced. Only 42% of the Millennials feel they are, versus 51% of the GenXers and 55% of the Boomers.

However, “soft skills” are deemed important by 80% of the Millennials, 83% of the GenXers and 89% of the Boomers, putting them in the No. 1 position. Millennials are more likely to see themselves as advanced in this area — 67% say they are — than with any other job skill.



In addition, 91% of the Boomers value writing skills. Yet only 70% in that upper age bracket think they are advanced in writing, compared with 59% in the Millennial cohort and 69% in Generation X.

Next in demand after soft skills and writing are content marketing ability, digital media marketing and data analysis.

Email is followed on the list of desired skill sets by SEO, social media, mobile marketing, influencer marketing, graphic design and HTML/CSS coding.

However, 41% of the Millennials think they are advanced in social media, and 38% in digital media marketing.

GenXers are most likely to see themselves as tops in data analysis — 50% say so.

Only 16% of those surveyed — in all three age groups — rate their mobile skills as advanced. And less than half see their content skills that way.

Asked why they are seeking new jobs, 69% of the Millennial tech workers cited a need to advance their marketing skills. Only 43% of the Baby Boomers cited the same reason.

Salaries, benefits and the need to work with a more talented marketing team were also listed. In addition, 33% of Millennials cited burnout at their current job. Only 14% of the Boomers mentioned this problem. Millennials and GenXers are also more likely to seek a better work-life balance.


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