Google Workspace Users Face New Demands For Identity Verification

Google Workspace users may be asked for new forms of verification when they complete sensitive tasks in an effort to provide multi-layered security, Google announced this week.  

“If you have a Google Account through your workplace, you may have to verify it’s you with your corporate device,” Google says.  

The goal is to “help protect your account against damage that a hacker might cause,” it says.

Google adds: “With this protection, even if a hacker gets your personal details or login info, they’ll still face a challenge before they complete any sensitive actions on your account.”  

It’s not clear whether this will have any impact on B2B buyers seeking to complete complicated transactions. 

Sensitive actions in account settings will include:

- Viewing activity saved in your Google Account.

- Changing your password.

- Viewing saved passwords.

- Turning on 2-step verification.

- Downloading your data.

In addition, Google may ask users to verify their identity when they make changes deemed as sensitive within its products. These could include:

- Changing channel ownership on YouTube Creator Studio. 

- Changing Google Ads account budget. 

- Buying any other product or service from Google.  

Google advises: “We understand that in some cases, legitimate owners of the account might lose access to a phone or a phone number. We only limit access to the sensitive actions and for a period of seven days. To continue your purchase in some purchase flows, you can use the guest checkout.”



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