Cross Channel Consistency is a Challenge When Marketing Departments Are Siloed

Creating a consistent customer experience across channels is a challenge for marketers, according to a panel of brands at Email Insider Summit Barcelona today.

Randstad Groep Nederland has different people in charge of the different channels in its marketing department. The team comes together once a week to discuss what they are doing in their respective channels to try to align what they are doing for customer consistency, Bart Nijhoff, the company's email product owner revealed on the panel.

Arjan Van Hartesveldt, manager of ecommerce at Sanoma Media also said that his company has siloed teams. To overcome these siloes, the  company organizes its data centrally in order to be consistent. The central data team looks after all of the company's communications to make sure that customers aren't getting too many messages at once. They focus on consistency in distribution, not in message consistency, but getting the team to align messaging is the company's next step.

Sarah Jones, at Auto Trader UK said that a lack of email understanding can be a challenge at her company where PPC gets a lot of credit. The firm is trying to work to understand the contributions of the different channels in order to understand which channels to attribute. Jones said it was about changing the mindset.

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