Question of Week: 'What Is Wrong With You'?

It’ll probably take historians years to fully answer the question that MSNBC TV host Joe Scarborough asked of Trump in a tweet today after the Misogynist-In-Chief yesterday launched his “bleeding face lift” missive on Twitter regarding Scarborough’s co-host and finance Mika Brezinski.

The question: “What is wrong with you?” 

In my view it is the question of the week, maybe the question the year. Heck, it could be the question of the next four years. Let’s hope not.

Yeah, Mika and Joe responded on their show this morning, which led to more tweets and lies by Trump. Even the tweet that started the contretemps was a lie. Turns our Mika never had a face lift, let alone a bleeding one. At least she went on record saying that today. Until she proves me wrong, I believe her.

Scarborough asked another good question regarding Trump. And that was “Why do you keep lying about things that are so easily disproven?”



Well, it’s a strategy that won him the White House so why not continue it?

Thing is whoever is running the country needs to focus really hard on running it. Yet here our president is plotting catty and meaningless 140-character phrases on social media.  Well not meaningless as his twitter-babble does shed light on his personal character.

Let me just wrap this quickly:  Please let there be an impeachable obstruction case. If there is a god, there will be.



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