Keep 'em Smilin'

According to an “Opinion” paper by co-founder of Fanbytes,G Timothy Armoo, published on The, Advertainment is the fusion of advertising and entertainment,and the perfect way to engage with Gen Z, the generation coming up behind millennials. Snapchat, due to its creative and playful nature, is the perfect platform for this, says the report.

Maude Standish, vice president of programming strategy at Fullscreen, says: "[Gen Z] has grown up with the internet and are not only demanding that all brands entertain them, but also that entertainment shifts to behave like a friend…"

This shift represents a new era of marketing opportunities for brands, says the report. Standish adds: “In an era of increased media fragmentation, brands are finding that the best way to market their products is to create entertainment that consumers actively seek out."

Research by Jonah Berger, a marketing professor at Wharton Business School, states that viewers are 20 times more likely to share articles, ads or information with their friends and family if they evoke the right emotions, says the report.

And, Armoo says  Snapchat is the ideal platform for brands to capitalize on Advertainment. Moreover, the ad formatting it offers brands, such as personalized lenses, geo-filters and in-app games, are inherently shareable and entertaining.

This, combined with its young demographic and the fact that users spend on average between 25 to 30 minutes a day on the app, means brands have an ideal platform for effective Advertainment.

Pepsi is an excellent case study of a brand realizing this potential. To promote its limited-edition cinnamon flavored Pepsi Fire, Pepsi has printed its Snapcode on millions of cans and bottles. By photographing these Snapcodes on Pepsi bottles, users can unlock exclusive branded geofilters, sponsored lenses with floated 3-D objects, as well as an immersive, multi-level mobile game within the app.

Lauren Cohen, Pepsi’s director of marketing, says “This is our attempt to move from brand as advertiser to brand as entertainer… a big opportunity to serve consumers in a way that they want… “

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