NEW! The Museum of Science and Industry: "Long Live Curiosity"

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago (MSI) is revealing the first phase of its new positioning by shifting from an "exhibit-first focus" to a "brand-first" consumer experience.

Developed with VSA Partners, the “Long Live Curiosity" is designed to “inspire the inventive genius in everyone” by posing thought-provoking questions about everyday subjects. Rather than promote upcoming or featured attractions, the creative encourages broader introspection. The messaging also serves to communicate the uniquely immersive and tangible learning experiences offered at MSI that encourage visitors to touch and experiment with the exhibits.

Bus shelter ads, for instance, ask "Who will be the first human to live forever?" Ads running on the museum stairs pose the question, "Who gets the credit for inventing stairs?" Several of the messages flip select words and letters to enhance the visual creativity.

“With the increased public discourse around science and scientific discovery, we believe it’s critical to reignite our collective sense of curiosity by questioning the world around us,” stated Matt Simpson, MSI’s chief marketing officer.



“The Museum – and the world at large – is filled with life-changing examples of the good that comes from asking ‘why’ and ‘what if,’ and we’re excited to continue to serve as a place where curiosity lives and find new ways for it to be rewarded and celebrated.”
The Chicago-specific campaign appears across OOH, radio, print, and digital through the late summer.



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