Bloomberg Media Distribution, Niche Sport Media Partner On Video Licensing Deal

Bloomberg Media’s licensing and distribution business has a new teammate: Niche Sport Media.

Bloomberg Media Distribution’s clients will now be able to license sports video coverage from the UK-based media production company, including football, big fight boxing, golf, rugby and cricket events.

The deal includes more than 200 videos a month from the English Premier League, The Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup), The EFL Cup (League Cup), Champions League and Europa League, including interviews and press conferences.

Also part of the distribution deal: Niche Sport Media’s news shows, such as "Football Daily," a 90-second recap of football news that airs multiple segments each weekday, and "World Cup Daily" and "Euro Daily," which cover breaking news at major sporting events.



"Weekly European Bulletin," another show now available for licensing through Bloomberg Media Distribution, covers news on Europe’s top leagues and spotlights African players.

Archival footage of training and player highlights from big games are also part of the partnership.

Video will be available on the Bloomberg MediaSource platform and through direct MRSS feeds to customers.

In May, Bloomberg Media Distribution partnered with The Economist to license its "Daily Watch" series — short, topical films released every business day covering international news, politics, business, finance, science and technology.

Bloomberg Media Distribution’s other partners include The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, El Financiero and STAT. All signed deals with the company last October.
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