Bloomberg Media Signs Distribution Deals With Trade Pubs

Bloomberg Media announced a new third-party content partnership to distribute content from The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard, El Financiero and STAT alongside Bloomberg Media’s content. The announcement was made Monday at MIPCOM in Cannes, France.

Bloomberg Media Distribution will offer licensing of business, technology, entertainment, music, lifestyle and health news from these publishers to Bloomberg’s client base. Its distribution business has now expanded to more than 130 countries.

“As the media landscape continues to evolve, so has content creation and syndication,” stated Josh Rucci, general manager of Bloomberg Media Distribution. He said the partnership with publishers allowed Bloomberg to "offer significant capabilities to deliver a range of content easily and at scale. "



Bloomberg will distribute the text and video content to the licensors via its proprietary delivery platforms, including its Web-based visual media platform, Bloomberg Media Source, News Portal and feed services.

John Amato, co-president of The Hollywood Reporter-Billboard Media Group stated that the alliance would introduce its flagship brands "to a new, highly engaged and global audience."

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