eRelevance Adds Services And Staff To Serve SMBs

It's what you might call a stealth project.

eRelevance Corp. has launched — internally — a feature called Campaign Studio.

It allows in-house creative experts to “further tailor campaign assets, including emails, for the specific needs and brand considerations" of clients, says Chief Marketing Officer Adam Weinroth.  

The service is “largely invisible to clients” but they benefit from winning creative and “greater efficiencies that help us serve them better,” Weinroth claims. 

This is only one part of a growth trajectory being pursued by the Austin, TX-based company, which provides automated marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses.

eRelevance has doubled its headcount--to 60--and made several recent executive appointments, including that of Weinroth earlier this year. These hires include Andy Acaru, vice president of field sales; John Nippler, vice president of business development; and Michael Norman, vice president of software development. 



The firm serves small to medium-sized businesses, and has a specialization in the aesthetic healthcare market. These companies often lack in-house marketing teams — for them, digital marketing is an extracurricular activity. eRelevance offers to take these activities off their plate, from targeting to attribution.

The company claims revenue growth of 275% over the past four quarters.

How important is email to the eRelevance client base? “For the market we’re serving, email is necessary, but not sufficient,” Weinroth says. “We’re also seeing that email marketing isn’t being done well when businesses use point solutions.”

But eRelevance claims to have an answer through segmentation, message targeting and ultimately, a more personalized experience. Weinroth adds that emails are based around best practices, and that the company's aggregate data helps to customize the content based on historical performance.

Finally, Weinroth concludes, the company ensures that email is used “in a highly integrated way with six other digital channels.” 

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