Spotify Launches Self-Serve Ad Studio, Enables Long Tail To Create Three-Figure Professional Audio Campaigns

Ad-supported audio streaming service Spotify this morning opened the Spotify Ad Studio, a new self-serve audio advertising platform it claims is the world's first.

The studio appears to be targeted more at the long tail than big brands and agencies, because the company claims “no experience is necessary” to create the audio spots. It is aimed at businesses of all sizes, with minimum budgets beginning at $250.

Described as a U.S. “beta,” the platform offers a series of step-by-step interfaces designed to enable anyone to create a “fully produced” audio ad in minutes, including a professional voiceover.

Users can set the audience target, the campaign's budget, and track results via a self-serve dashboard.

Spotify said it developed the beta in conjunction with several test partners, including the University of Denver's University College.

“We've been on traditional radio for years, but wanted an updated way to reach millennials and tech early-adopters... we think that millennials aren't listening to radio regularly anymore,” stated Victoria O'Malley, director of marketing at the University of Denver’s University College. "On Spotify, we were able to specifically target the age range we needed, which helped us achieve our ultimate goal: driving brand awareness with a new audience.”

O'Malley added that the interface enabled the college to change its parameters in real time. After noticing that 80% of users who clicked the ad were coming from a rock or pop station, she said she adjusted the campaign's target and “improved our numbers. How cool is that, to have a better sense of your more qualified audience?” 

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