Jack in the Box Invites The Competition For New Premium Burger

Jack in the Box isn’t stinting on advertising support for the launch of what it is touting as the fast food industry’s first ribeye burgers.

Ribeye may indeed be a first, but offering higher-priced burgers is not. Jack in the Box is joining McDonald’s, Chipotle and others in going upscale in order to compete with Panera and other somewhat higher-priced, higher-quality restaurants favored by Millennials. The new Jack in the Box burgers, being offered in two varieties (“All American” and “Havarti & Grilled Onion”), go for between $5.50 and $6.50, depending on the market, while its standard burger starts at $3.99, according to USA Today.

A 30-second TV ad (below) for the premium burgers plays up the exclusive angle. It shows the brand’s mascot, Jack Box, seated at an extraordinarily long table, in a field, explaining that he’s invited all of his friends in the industry to try the first-of-its-kind burger. A herd of people wearing competitive brands’ fast-food uniforms — with their faces digitally obscured so as not to endanger their jobs (except for one unfortunate) — thunders toward the table.



The campaign, from David & Goliath L.A., will also include 15-second spots for cable and network TV, reports the agency. The television creative also has Spanish-language versions.

Other campaign elements will include radio and out-of-home ads; partnerships with Vice and Hulu; and a series of social media videos featuring more “identity-protected” workers from competitive chains talking about how great the new ribeye burgers are.  

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