Pedigree Teams With Facebook To Promote Adoption

Pedigree is launching a customized camera effect via Facebook to help raise awareness for pet adoption in conjunction with October’s National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. 

The camera effect, created by BBDO New York, allows Facebook users to choose from multiple breeds of dogs to layer onto their selfie, then displays a real adoptable dog of a similar breed nearby, with help from AllPaws, an online resource that matches pet parents with a dog at a local shelter. 

Pedigree was one of the first brands to launch a customized Facebook camera effect, according to the company. The company is using this technology to amplify the message behind its global “Feed the Good” campaign, which is that dogs make us better people and deserve a forever home.

The company has created a teaser video featuring pet portrait “selfies” coming to life.  



In addition to promoting adoption through the creative design, the brand will also be giving back to dogs in need with this new campaign.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to stay relevant when talking to consumers, and this digital format delivers our adoption message in a way that’s both unexpected and impactful,” said Elizabeth Barrett, Pedigree brand manager in a release. “We want consumers to selfie with the doggy-faced overlays to help raise awareness for dogs in need of a forever home.

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