Customized Messaging Attracts Black Millennial Travelers

New DigitasLBi research, with an online survey conducted by Harris Poll, reveals that tailored messaging to Black Millennial Travelers can be highly influential in their booking decisions. 47% of those inclined to pay more would increase their nightly travel spend by $100 or more

The Black Millennial Travelers Study heard from 1,011 Black millennial travelers (Black/African American U.S. adults ages 20 – 36) who consider travel to be a priority in their life, and are at least somewhat involved in booking their travel.

There are nearly 5 million Black millennial travelers in the U.S, a sizable segment of the travel industry, representing approximately 43% of the 11.5 million U.S. Black millennial population. 94% of Black millennial travelers have taken a personal trip in the past two years and 76% have traveled in the past six months, says the report.

Customized Messaging Equals Engagement

  • 72% of Black millennial travelers say that when a brand acknowledges their racial/ethnic identity, it makes them want to book with that brand:
  • 56% would pay more if messaging were more relevant to their personal identity. Of those, 47% would pay  $100 or more per night; 22% would pay $200 more per night
  • 64% of those who have traveled internationally in the past two years would increase spend if messaging were more relevant to their personal identity
  • 76% say they would book more with a brand they’ve previously used if they received a more personal identity relevant messaging

Acceptance and Safety are Important Considerations When Booking 

  • 24% of Black millennial travelers have experienced racial discrimination while booking travel
  • 29% have experienced racial discrimination in the past two years while traveling
  • 80% of Black millennial travelers say they are more likely to plan a trip somewhere they believe will be accepting of their race/ethnicity
  • 38% say safety, as it relates to their race/ethnicity, is one of the most important factors when booking trip accommodations This is particularly true among women, with 43% of Black female millennial travelers saying safety is a primary factor when booking accommodations (vs. 31% of Black male millennial travelers)

Brands have a strong opportunity to grow preference/consideration/purchase among Black millennial travelers, says the report. Few brands are speaking to this audience in ways that make them feel relevant and connected. Leveraging the power of multicultural targeted media, both online and offline, can be an effective way to thoughtfully engage with this audience. There are thousands of influential sites, podcasts, social content drivers and creators that curate content targeted to Black millennials in unique and authentic ways, says the report.

  • Safety is one of the most important factors for Black millennial travelers when booking trip accommodations, particularly for women, says the report.
  • Peer influence is powerful. Good reviews and ratings from travelers of similar race/ethnicity and/or interests help Black millennial travelers make quicker decisions when booking travel
  • Establish credibility by thoughtfully engaging influencers and every day travelers within existing, large scale, global travel communities. Leveraging the influence of these communities, and sourcing authentic, real time feedback can create opportunities for brand or product innovation
  • Relevant, relatable messaging will stand out and inspire action: Messaging that is tailored to Black millennial travelers is highly influential to their booking decisions
  • Beyond visual  messaging, consider content and added value to drive action and demonstrate  the value of the Black millennial traveler’s dollar

Najla Haddad, SVP Marketing, DigitasLBi, concludes: “Anecdotally, we knew that there was an opportunity to connect more fully with Black millennial travelers, and now the numbers prove that this audience is eager to be engaged. We expect to see our travel brands dedicate more attention and engage more meaningfully with this audience going forward.”

For more information about this study, please visit here: l-travelers-say-they-are-willing-to-pay-more-to-book-travel-with-a-brand-that-understands-them


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