Engine's ORC International Creates 24-Hour Insight Panel

Citing the importance to meet consumers where they are and at their own pace in today's digital world, Engine Group's research arm ORC International is introducing what it calls the first one-day online community research platform.

Snapshot Hives is designed  as a "more efficient alternative" to traditional online research communities, which typically require heavy investment in a static population that has to be engaged every day for an extended period of time. 

“Snapshot Hives solves for this growing market need by leveraging the deep engagement power of social media to uncover emotional truths fast," says Jennifer Adams, senior vice president, digital communities.

The platform combines video chats, storytelling exercises to pivot away from jargon, digital ethnographies and quick polls. 

The company has signed on clients from technology, automotive, health care and pharmaceutical industries.

Snapshot Hives joins ORC’s "Digital Hives" family of products, which also includes five-day Immersion Hives, and a longitudinal Hive series to track beliefs, attitudes and reactions over time.



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