YouTube Tweaks Monetization Algorithm

YouTube is making a significant change to the algorithm that determines whether a video will be fully monetized, or restricted to limited or no advertising. The company expects this move to result in 30% fewer videos being misclassified as not eligible for monetization.

In a blog post, the company said that it has used more than one million human reviews of videos to train the machine-learning algorithm that determines the categorization of uploaded videos.

“Today, we’re releasing an important update that will result in fewer misclassifications overall,” the post reads. "In other words, millions more videos will become fully monetized.”

YouTube also encouraged content creators to continue appealing if they believe videos continue to be misclassified as having content inappropriate for advertisers.

The company has faced criticism in recent weeks from content creators upset that videos they believe should be monetized have been classified as not being eligible.

YouTube has been tweaking its algorithms since earlier this year, when the company announced that it sought to make the service a safer place for brands to advertise. That change in policy has resulted in confusion from some creators about what content could cause demonetization, and even in some cases lawsuits over the issue.

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