Yahoo, Gmail Users Report Some Problems

Yahoo Mail continues to have problems, according to posts on Down Detector. However, the Down Right Now site says service is up. Although the complaints are not high in number, Down Detector reporters: “Yahoo Mail is having issues since 9:06 AM EST.”

One commenter says, “I'm trying to get into each one of my emails and all I get is a message saying "We couldn't load this message-Retry. What the heck is going on?”

Another states: “All calendar events and reminders are gone!” 

One  other Yahoo Mail user complains of “problems with my email account with message ‘We couldn't load this message-retry’ I need to access my e-mail to send important and time sensitive messages. 

On Tuesday, Down Detector reported that Yahoo users were experiencing service problems. This followed an outage in October.

Meanwhile, Gmail has also experienced some issues, according to comments on Down Detector.  

One says: “San Diego CA is down since this morning.” Another said, “Google accounts still not working in Orange County, California. 

And one complains that “Gmail wont' let me sign in, even though reset my password twice. Also, when I tried to verify my account it said it would text my phone but didn't.”



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