Peloton Tells Consumers To 'Give It All' For The Holidays

With cold weather forcing many to move their workouts indoors and the impending holidays, Peloton is encouraging people to give the gift of connected fitness. 

The maker of internet-connected stationary bikes has unveiled a new campaign meant to showcase how the gift of one of its products can be “truly life changing,” says Carolyn Tisch Blodgett, senior vice president of brand marketing at Peloton. 

The new commercial features visuals similar to its launch campaign, showing people happily exercising in their homes, on their own time, inspiring other family members to participate in cycling classes via a tablet on the bike. A voiceover touts accessibility to “New York’s best instructors, live.”



“As we continue to build this brand, consistency from creative to creative is extremely important,” Blodgett tells Marketing Daily. “You can tell from the visual and language choices, we really want to convey the energy, intensity and fun of a Peloton class to the viewer but also show how this product can fit into your life.”

Though the visuals remain similar to the launch campaign, the new campaign exchanges out the Ramones’ “Blitzkrieg Bop” song for Sia’s “The Greatest.” The rationale, Tisch Blodgett says, was to keep the brand fresh. 

“We know from our members how important music is to the experience, and we try to bring that to life through our creative,” she says. “For us not having a single sound as a brand is crucial, to reflect the tastes and attitudes of consumers but also represent the diversity of music our product offer, so the track in our holiday spot demonstrates that range, while making you want to work out.”

The campaign, which will run through the first quarter of 2018, comes on the heels of the company’s announcement earlier this month that consumers can finance the bikes for $97 a month for 39 months. That messaging will be worked into the campaign in different ways. 

“Given that this is a considered purchase, we have multiple moments to speak to our consumers throughout the purchase journey and ensure that there's now a more affordable way to be a part of the Peloton experience,” Tisch Blodgett says. 

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