Customer Experiences Meet The Machines

The machines are coming, and more businesses plan to tap them in hopes of improving customer experiences.

Customer experience improvements are part of the digital transformations underway in many businesses and machine-based technologies are a key part of those intended improvements, based on a new study.

The majority (60%) of companies rate improving customer experience when implementing a digital transformation strategy as ‘very important.’ In North America, it’s even higher (76%), according to the study.

The study comprised a survey of 2,500 senior technology executives across North America, the U.K., France, Germany and Australia conducted by Opinium Research for Mitel.

By industry, most (65%) retailers rank improved customer experience as very important.

There are reasons for improving customer experience, including the potential impact to the bottom line. Here are the outcomes companies would expect from improving customer experience:

  • 52% -- Increase customer satisfaction through omnichannel experiences
  • 50% -- Increase customer loyalty
  • 39% -- Increase revenue
  • 39% -- Offer customers a better mobile experience
  • 36% -- Gain or maintain a competitive advantage

The good news, at least from the perspective of business technology leaders, is that most (59%) say their customer experience improvements are more than 50% complete.

Machine-customer interactions include communication-enabled devices coming in cars and appliances, AI-enabled virtual agents and machine learning to route customers to the right agent on a first call.

The majority (85%) of businesses believe machine-enhanced interactions will improve the customer experience.

The most value is seen in machines directing customers to the right people.

That would be a great start.

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