Spotify's '2018 Goals' Campaign

Spotify is back with another quirky end-of-year campaign—two campaigns actually, both consumer and B2B. The efforts use company data to tell stories and comment on culture.

This year’s theme, “2018 Goals,” features over 70 artists in 18 markets globally and showcases humorous goals for fans to strive for in 2018, based on this year’s biggest hits. 

Billboards have been placed in markets around the U.S. In New York, ‘goal’ messaging includes “Hit the dance floor with the person who made a playlist called “DADDY PENCE COME DANCE,” and “Take a page from the 3,445 people who streamed the “Boozy Brunch” playlist on a Wednesday this year.”

Similar to the consumer campaign, the B2B campaign launches with paid social, OOH and trade. Below are some examples of the creative for the B2B campaign:   

Youth Marketing

2018 Goals
Avoid using spellcheck in youth marketing campaigns.
‘XO TOUR Llif3’ by Lil Uzi Vert
(Streamed over 530 million times this year.)

 About Cannes

2018 Goals

Be as mildly optimistic as the person who created the ‘I think I Cannes’ playlist.


2018 Goals

Don't be an agency that streams 'Congratulations' the night before a pitch.




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