Vizio's Inscape Teams With Data Plus Math For TV Attribution Platform

Vizio’s data information unit, Inscape, has made a deal with Data Plus Math -- the research company behind Project Thor -- to boost efforts to create a consumer purchasing attribution platform tied to TV advertising.

Inscape gets automated content recognition (ACR) data -- TV screen-based data --  from 7.7 million Vizio U.S. TV sets. Inscape’s data is used by other TV/advertising research companies, such as iSpot.TV, which has a long-term deal with Inscape. 

Data Plus Math will use Inscape data as a source of granular TV viewership data for a “multi-touch attribution platform” to understand and attribute the purchasing gains that occur from each advertising exposure.

John Hoctor, CEO at Data Plus Math, stated: “TV is massively under-credited as a driver of consumer activity.... The data shows that TV advertising is doing a lot of the heavy-lifting for marketers and that last-touch digital advertisements are all too often getting too much credit.”

In October, in a meeting put together by the Video Advertising Bureau, TV networks and other companies met with Data Plus Math to be briefed about a new platform -- Thor -- in which marketers could analyze consumer purchasing behavior data tied back to specific TV advertising.



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