New Email Delivery Tool Launched By eDataSource

eDataSource, a specialist in panel-based email measurement, has introduced Inbox Tracker, Cloudmark Edition, a tool that it says can help marketers to improve email delivery.

Combining Cloudmark’s security safeguard data, the new Inbox Tracker allows users to head off failures by reviewing emails in five areas: email content, imagery, infrastructure, links, and attachments, according to eDataSource.

The reporting is based on feedback from almost 500 million consumers, the firm says.

InBox Tracker also includes additions such a Google Category/Tab placement at the campaign and domain levels. It also features a new dashboard layout and a new IP reputation scoring model.

The company cites data showing that over 13% of all marketing email lands in spam folders.

“There is a clear and direct correlation between increased deliverability and increased revenue generated by email marketing,” states GB Heidarsson, CEO of eDataSource.

Heidarsson adds that “when email marketers reach more inboxes, they achieve higher returns without altering any other elements of their program.”

eDataSource tracks over 60 million emails per day across 190,000 brands. Cloudmark provides a threat intelligent database, serving tens of thousands of enterprises.


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