Cross-Platform Video Buying Is Slow Moving

Although cross-screen media buying -- traditional TV and digital video -- seems to be a major focus for many agencies and brand managers, campaigns are moving cautiously.

In 2017, a survey of brand managers and media-agency executives found 16% of their current TV and TV video budgets were used in a integrated cross-media platform approach, according to VideoAmp, a video ad tech company.

The research noted that two-thirds of marketers will increase spending -- slightly -- to 19% of overall media spending going to cross-platform video buying in 2018.

This movement can be partly attributable to another research data point: 54% to 55% of agency and brand executives believe that TV and digital video is “somewhat complementary.” Around 30% believe it is “extremely complementary,” with 8% being “neither complementary/competing.”

Some 6% to 8% believe that TV and digital video are “competing” with each other.

Standing in the way of adoption is better audience data for all TV and video screens. That means frequency control, targeting, measurement and attribution; a lack of coordination between TV and digital video planning and buying; and a lack of early defined best practices, processes and platforms.

This survey was conducted via email in October 2017 among 200 respondents and was evenly split among brand executives and agencies at a director level or higher.



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