Yasso Promotes New Dessert Collection

Yasso and its agency Fortnight Collective are out with a new campaign touting the yogurt brand's new collection of pint-sized desserts.

This product launch coincided with the launch of the brand’s new website and with an Instagram social media campaign.

The promotion kicked off with teasers on New Year’s Eve with messaging like "coming spoon" and ran consecutively, every day, through January 5 when the product became available online at Shop.Yasso.com.

This launch was aided by the influx of resolution seekers wanting better-for-you dessert options. The new pint-size collection—there are eight flavors including “coffee brownie break”-- arrives at grocery stores beginning in February.

This campaign will include organic and paid social ads as well as forthcoming user-generated content from select influencers. Instagram is the priority channel, selected in part for its ability to showcase creative imagery. The messaging is designed to generate traffic to the new site.



Fortnight Collective also developed the packaging which features big and bold typography and ingredient imagery. The agency also crafted the pint's heat seal lid to raise awareness for the company's Game On! Foundation that encourages people to "crush their goals.”

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