Consumer Frustration Likely To Drive Changes To OTT Marketplace, Study Says

Consumers are embracing over-the-top video services, but are overwhelmed by the number of options in the marketplace, according to Ooyala’s 2018 State of the Broadcast Industry report.

Consumer frustration with the sheer number of OTT services and original shows is likely to drive changes in the market this year, the company predicts.

Among the changes that Ooyala predicts? Better search and discovery mechanisms, simpler authentication processes, and improved curation and personalization.

“TV viewing is continuing to go to a much more personalized, one-to-one experience,” says Belsasar Lepe, co-founder and  senior VP of products and solutions at Ooyala. “Where previously you might have sat with your family and consumed your favorite show together, it’s going to be online and much more personalized [now], with additional features such as virtual and augmented reality.”



The company also predicts that 2018 will bring more experimentation with bundling of content, as consumers embrace “skinny bundles” in lieu of traditional cable packages. Other niche streaming services could decide to bundle themselves, or join some of these larger bundles.

Ooyala provides software and services associated with producing, streaming and monetizing video content. The report comes from the company’s own data and analysis, combined with select data from third parties.

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