'New York Daily News' Opts For Pay Wall

The New York Daily News is putting up a paywall starting February 1. 

Readers without a print or digital subscription will be able to read 10 articles for free each month before they are asked to subscribe. Readers with a print subscription to the newspaper will get free digital access to Daily News. 

The introductory offer for digital subscriptions will be 99 cents for 13 weeks.

However, not all of the Daily News’ journalism online will require a subscription. Its homepage and various section fronts, such as News, Sports and Entertainment, will be available for free to readers.

Daily News joins a growing roster of publishers hoping to make additional revenue from digital subscriptions in light of the disappointing digital and print ad revenue numbers last year.



The Atlantic and Wired launched metered paywalls this month, and The New York Times cut in half the number of articles readers can access for free last month.

The Denver Post, the largest newspaper in Colorado, put up its own paywall this week.

“For years, our owners believed, like so many others, that moving to digital platforms would make up enough of the loss through the ads we could offer to our greatly expanded audiences,” Denver Post editorial page editor Chuck Plunkett wrote in an opinion piece explaining the move.

“But the reality is that behemoths like Google and Facebook, which we helped create and continue to sustain with our content, take practically all the money available for digital ads,” he added.

The question looming is whether enough people will sign up for digital subscriptions to make closing off content to casual readers — and losing out on digital ad dollars due possibly less traffic — the right move.

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