Marketers Plan To Increase Spending On Branded Videos Created By Publishers

Marketers looking to spend money on video advertising are likely to increase spending on branded videos created in conjunction with publishers this year, and are showing less enthusiasm for traditional 30 second pre-roll video ads.

Those takeaways come from a study by Trusted Media Brands, which examined the state of video advertising in 2018 through its “Digital Video Outlook” survey.

The survey was conducted by Advertiser Perceptions, with respondents including about 300 digital media decision-makers in the Advertiser Perceptions Omnibus Panel.

According to the survey, 35% of respondents said they plan to increase spending on the creation and distribution of branded videos over the next 12 months, compared to 28% that say they plan to increase spending on pre-, mid- and post-roll video ads.

The push for publisher partners is closely related to the widespread problem of brand safety, with 39% of respondents citing that concern as the top reason for partnering with publishers on branded video. Expertise in content creation was the second most popular reason, chosen by 33% of respondents.

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