Nearly 50% Of Millennials Say Facebook Top Platform For Video Content

Younger consumers continue to see platforms like Facebook and Snapchat as their “go-to” platforms for video content, according to research commissioned by Wibbitz, a company that uses artificial intelligence to help publishers create video content.

According to the study, "Video For Business: Content Consumption Trends," more than 40% of millennials and Gen Xers said Facebook is their preferred platform for consuming video content. Among millennials, Snapchat was the second most popular platform for video, with Get Xers preferring instagram.

More than 50% of respondents said they increased their digital video consumption habits in 2017, with 31% saying they watch most of their video content on mobile devices.

The takeaway from the study is that digital video consumption is only likely to rise in the coming year. For both brands and publishers, that means the need to create compelling video, be it advertising or editorial, is all the more important.



For brands, the survey also showed that videos can also reduce the work load on customer service. Fifty-one percent of consumers prefer watching videos explaining how to use products or services, rather than more traditional commercials.

“This statistic confirms business video as an emerging format for customer communications that can reduce service and support-related activities,” Wibbitz said.

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