The North Face Emails Focus on Brand DNA

Data collection starts in the store for The North Face Europe. In a keynote at EIS EU, Chiara Rossitti, revealed that the company collects email addresses during events. "It is the perfect occasion to collect the data," she said.

The brand uses this data to get to know customers and start testing messaging. The company relies on RFM metrics (recency, frequency, monetary) to learn more about the customer and to test and tweak the content based on the demographics, past purchase behavior and browse data.

Content reflects the DNA of the brand. For instance, the company sent out emails to give away a free eBook chapter download for the book, "Climbing Beyond." They also send emails promoting free weekly workout sessions in stores across Europe. The company segments by region to invite people based on their city (Munich, London, Stockholm, etc.).

When the company promoted its new Access Pack, they sent an email to its entire list to introduce the product. Then they began to test the subject line and drove more engagement by adjusting the keywords in several languages in different marketplaces.

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