Surprise! You'll Never Guess Which Agency Tops The Gunn Report Rankings This Year

Well, this is getting a little monotonous. Well, actually, we’re way past that point, aren’t we? 

 For the 12th year in a row, BBDO Worldwide has topped the Gunn Report global index as the most creative agency in the world. 

Twelve Years In A Row. Come on, no agency is THAT creative. Oh, the pictures they must have. Kidding, nothing nefarious going on here I’m sure. Just monotony. 

And this news breaks just a month after Gunn announced some “major changes” were being implemented in its rankings process. 

Whatever. It’s not that different. What Gunn does and will continue to do is keep track of the major awards agencies win each year. So they do the math, create a ranking and charge subscriptions for access to the details. 

Pretty brilliant really. We all know how awards-obsessed agencies are. 



I guess GR it’s a pretty big deal—especially if you win every year for a decade plus. 

Hopefully someday soon BBDO will have some serious competition. I mean this is worse than the Patriots Super Bowl dynasty and thankfully they got knocked off their perch this year.  

Four BBDO agencies were ranked among Gunn’s top ten individual agencies, with Almap BBDO and BBDO New York taking the top two spots respectively. Clemenger BBDO Melbourne ranked number seven and Colenso BBDO, New Zealand, ranked tenth. 

Next year, let’s just assume BBDO will be Top Gunn, again. If it’s another agency, I’ll let you know. That would actually be news.


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