'Patch' Expands NYC Coverage, Reports Uptick In Page Views

Local news outlet Patch has expanded its New York City readership by 45%, in large part due to expanding its coverage of the city and the abrupt closing of DNAinfo and Gothamist.

New York Patch saw page views grow from 939,821 in June 2017 to 1,370,264 in January 2018. Local news sites DNAinfo and Gothamist abruptly shut down in November.

“We’ve been building a New York City team over the last year with some very talented, veteran reporters,” stated Patch CEO Warren St. John. He added that the site is committed to “covering the city at the neighborhood level, breaking news and doing great work that helps New Yorkers better understand what’s happening in their communities.”



Since the beginning of last year, New York Patch has hired six new employees and created three new posts: Adam Nichols, Patch New York City regional manager, Danielle Woodward, Patch Queens editor, and Noah Manskar, Patch general NYC editor. The site now covers 36 NYC communities.

Breaking newsletter subscriptions jumped by 1000% from June 2017 to January 2018 as well, according to the company.

Patch New York began this year with 1.3 million page views, which is nearly 400,000 more than at the beginning of 2017. Also in 2018, Patch will distribute its news on more platforms, thanks to partnerships with Amazon Alexa, Apple News, Flipboard and Google Play Newsstand.

In NovemberPublishers Daily reported that Patch, which has a presence in all 50 states, had continually seen a profit for 15 months straight. The site has recently launched local editions in Miami, Birmingham, Austin and Charlotte.

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