Trusted Media Records Big Digital Uptick

Trusted Media Brands has again shown record numbers from some of its most popular brands, and, in December 2017.

Trusted Media Brands showed record visitors across its entire digital network with 62.7 million unique visitors in December, an increase of 20% over 2016. The network added over 10 million visitors during that time period.

At the top, reaching a record 19.8 million unique visitors in December, saw a 55.1% increase from the same period in 2016. and (Reader’s Digest) both saw strong numbers, too, with the former experiencing a 34.7% increase in UV and the latter an increase of 34.2%.

All numbers were based on the latest comScore report, which also ranks Trusted Media Brands in the top 30 of over 2,000 digital lifestyle networks.



According to the latest Magazine Media 360° report, Reader’s Digest ranked in the top 10 of magazine brands, with an average audience of 19 million.

Another property that saw growth under the Trusted Media Brands umbrella was Haven Home Media Group, which saw an increase of 1.9% in unique visitors at 28.8 million. It is now the top-performing brand among its competitors.

Trusted Media Brands made the decision to invest in talent with extensive digital experience to gear up as a digital leader over the past couple of years. A consistent increase in audience shows the strategy is working.

Bonnie Kintzer, Trusted Media Brands CEO, stated: “Our growing team has strong digital expertise across social, search and programmatic. Their contributions have allowed us to identify new ways to have our content resonate more with our readers while reaching them on an ever-growing range of media channels.”

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