Roper Heads NYT Magazine Lab, New Creative Studio

The New York Times Magazine is launching a new creative studio called NYT Magazine Labs, in an effort to apply “magazine thinking” to new products, according to New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet and NYT Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein.

NYT Magazine Labs will be led by editorial director Caitlin Roper.

Roper was previously special projects editor of The New York Times Magazine, the supplement included with the Sunday edition of the Times newspaper.

Roper is responsible for new sections and pages in The New York Times, such as the revamped A2-A3, the Kids section, the Annotated Constitution and the Puzzle Spectaculars.

NYT Magazine Labs will be dedicated to creating more projects across The New York Times Company, as well as serve as an editorial and design resource, Baquet and Silverstein wrote.



The monthly Kids section will now be under the jurisdiction of NYT Magazine Labs, as will a number of other print special sections.

Roper will work with Deb Bishop, currently the magazine’s art director for special projects. Bishop will become the art director for NYT Magazine Labs. She is responsible for the section design and art direction of the Kids section.

Roper will also collaborate with Marc Lavallee to experiment with new technologies, and with Monica Drake to "respond to new opportunities for special projects throughout the newsroom," the editors added.

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