Content Platform Outbrain Partners With Telaria To Offer Video Opportunities

Outbrain, a platform used by CNN, Meredith Corp. and Conde Nast, among others, has signed to an exclusive strategic partnership with Telaria, making new video-based opportunities available to its clients.

“Through its extensive DSP relationships and direct-selling efforts, Telaria has built a network of high-quality video drawn from a variety of sources,” Matt Crenshaw, general manager, U.S., at Outbrain told Publishers Daily. “Publishers that want to diversify revenue and minimize revenue dependence on Google and Facebook now have a clear and easy way to do so.”

By partnering exclusively with Telaria, Outbrain is able to offer its clients greater control over the video quality and user experience, in addition to fraud protection and comprehensive safety controls.

The platform also offers the option of live reporting, allowing publishers to engage more deeply with their audiences.



According to Crenshaw, Telaria works directly with the Outbrain widget and uses existing Outbrain code, eliminating the need for any additional development or design work by the publisher. Also, it provides a video and video advertising experience for publishers to activate seamlessly.

The alliance allows Telaria to connect its partners with top-tier publishers and audiences that use Outbrain’s platform, while also “providing a brand-safe advertising experience at significant scale,” per a corporate statement. 

“This partnership stands as a testament to our joint effort to prioritize inventory quality and ensure a premium, fraud-free, brand-safe environment for our agency and buyer clients, as well as provide independent monetization alternatives to the highly conflicted digital duopoly,” Mark Zagorski, CEO of Telaria, stated.

The companies plan to make the partnership even more competitive as they develop new video applications to further support publishers in the digital ad market.

Outbrain reports nearly a dozen publishers are currently using Telaria as part of their digital publishing strategy.

Earlier this year, Outbrain introduced an audience development network called Sphere, which allows publishers to recommend content from other outlets, while collecting revenue.

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